Free Workout Routines For Home Health Physical Therapy Patients Can Improve Function and Strength While Saving Money!

Free Workout Routines

Helping patients, caregivers and physical therapists design, implement and progress effective and customized home exercise programs/free workout routines that promote strength, hope and ability.

Free workout routines for home health physical therapy. No matter what your goals, a home exercise program is important to get you on track and keep you on track towards your goals of strength, range of motion and ability.

Which ones are quality, are safe and effective? Most sites leave you to figure it out for yourself. Well, we do too, but with a different twist. We don't tell you to push yourself or do anything stupid. We just tell you how you can save money and keep yourself out of a nursing home by explaining and showing you various home health physical therapy exercises that you can do at home. Exercise is work, period but talk to your doctor and then jump in! Oh, they're free too!

We believe that life was created for simplicity, hard work, low stress and health. This is why our free workout routines differ from the thousands out there. We keep it short and sweet and try to eliminate expense and sweat.

We focus on these three things with the belief that there is a starting point for everyone!

  • Body Weight (it's free; everyone has it!)
  • Simplicity (simplicity breeds success!)
  • Effective (nothing fancy; just smart ideas for improved strength!)
  • Something for everyone (start where you can; go from there!)

Body Weight - Using Yours To Stay Out Of The Nursing Home

Everyone has body weight! And, that means free workout routines! Free is good. It does not matter to us if the economy is strong or weak, if people are struggling or partying. Accessible, free and effective in any economy is good and you carry it with you every day. Your actually body weight matters not. It's learning how to use what you have to your benefit of gaining strength, power and endurance. This builds confidence and improves your ability to function in your home and your community and really, if you're committed, can keep you out of a nursing home for many years to come!

We feel that Body weight exercises are the best (in most situations) because more than one or two muscles are challenged. Isolated exercises have their place too, but when you focus on whole body exercises, you teach your body how to work as a team. And, it just makes sense to challenge a bunch of muscles at once in a short amount of time vs. doing one or two exercises for each of those muscles individually!

Simplicity - A Known Longevity Factor

We feel free workout routines should not be, well, work. They are but they aren't. You don't have to get into your car or spend money. You can almost do them (some of them anyway) anywhere and you don't have to remember setting up the equipment at the gym to fit you every time you go.

You can spend $50 a month, drive to the gym, workout for an hour, drive home and try to squeeze the rest of your day into your day. Or you can just use your body and gravity to make just 1% of a change towards bettering your life today and tomorrow, and the next and the next...

You can learn the simplicity of free workout routines by exercising your inability to relax. :) That's right. We're tired of seeing all ages get sucked into thinking that they have to be Hollywood thin to be loved or cared for. It's not about how you look (although that is hard to get away from in our society). It's about health and feeling good and being able to do life to it's fullest!

Our free workout routines go beyond muscles and strength, ability, function and power. You can have a body to die for and be very malnourished, sleep deprived, dehydrated, sunshine deprived, and breathing stale air every day! Trust me, it takes a far greater workout and much more discipline to change those things I just mentioned! Learning true self-control moves beyond getting healthy and feeling better on the outside and changes your heart if you let it.

So, for the next 7 weeks, implement one of the following free workout routines into your life - or implement it for a month - make it a habit! Stop chasing fantasy! Who cares about a cute butt, a large bust, a tiny waist, bulging arms or a massive neck - one day you'll be 90 - and what will matter is your peace of mind. The following workout routines may not look like workout routines at all but when it comes to changing your lifestyle, it can be hard work, something to work on every day...

Peace of mind does not come wrapped up in the perfect size, bust or butt - but in great health - and great health does not come in the limited routine of working your body out every day. It does help, but it's not the whole package.

8 Laws of Health - Prerequisites for Rehab Success!

Step into the Sun Light!
Fresh Air - the New Coffee!
Rest - Skip it and pay!
Water - inside and out!

Effective - Improving Your Life Now AND Helping You Age In Place

Simplicity demands effectiveness. So, when we say effective, we mean just that. Get off the couch and into a routine but you'll find that little changes make a huge difference -- without gym fees or fuel prices. And, instead of chasing the empty Hollywood dream, embrace the basics of true health - the only ones that bring peace of mind.

Something For Everyone - Especially For Home Health Physical Therapy Patients!

No matter your shape or weight, you can start any exercise knowing that something is better than nothing. Caregivers and patients alike can pick and choose their own and get moving. Start with the ones you like - keep doing them and add a few more in a week or two that don't seem to be that easy... push yourself a tiny bit... Harvard Grads don't stay in 6th grade!

We know...gyms can be intimidating! There's really no way around it. Many people needing and going to a gym for the first time enter the same atmosphere that has gotten them in the shape they are already in. An atmosphere of fright, low self confidence, feelings of inadequacy and feeling overwhelmed. Short of paying more money for a personal trainer, memberships are not used to their full potential. So stop thinking that you'll never get stronger unless you go to a gym. If you've got a home then you've got a gym!

The free workout routines above help you to start where you are at. No one expects a 3rd grader to do 6th grade math! Why should you have to 'wait' till you are strong enough to perfect a simple push up? It doesn't work that way. We know that. We have answers.

So, move forward in confidence. Start your journey towards your total, well balanced goals now. Begin to understand that health, happiness and peace are not found only inside a fitness club but during a brisk walk, on your knees and even in your sleep!


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