Fitness Tips For Caregivers. Invest Early In The Bank Of Health For Peace Of Mind And A Good Nights Sleep.

Fitness tips - for caregiver stress.

Fitness tips for caregiver stress. Designed for the time-crunched, burned out, soul sick caregiver.

Fitness tips for caregivers caring for elderly at home But first, some important considerations to ponder. Caregiving may come with deeper issues. These always drive our behavior, our belief systems and at the core, who we are. Caregivers face challenges that sometimes they are even unaware of. So, before you pursue fitness (again), make sure you pursue soul fitness. Physical fitness is good but not at the expense of soul fitness since often times soul/emotional issues drive untrue beliefs about ourselves and who we are.

Some interesting points to ponder for the caregiver and for the rest of us who live among these often invisible angels:

  • Caregiving is often an addiction. Addicted to the burning need for approval.

  • Caregivers are unbalanced on the giving side of life.

  • Caregiving often fuels a need to be needed.

  • Lack of boundary setting ability's.

  • If I'm caregiving, then I'm in control. We are a generation of control freaks, sugar coated by caregiving.

  • Caregivers seldom hear "Thank You."

  • Caregivers or not, we often forget our own needs.

  • Tread softly - Caregivers tend to be fragile for many different reasons.

  • Caregivers face health issues that are only snowballed by more caregiving.

  • Caregivers are often lonely and isolated

Such an impartial and incomplete list and some of it may not apply to you as you read them. It is food for thought for those who are thrown into the role gradually or suddenly.

Poor health and fitness can never be blamed on one many things go into our health practices, or fitness level. Our goal? Give you the fitness tips you need to survive in an overwhelming caregiving world.

Get Me Fit On a Dime, In One Minute

fitness tips, elder care, elderly care, weight loss tips, rehabilitation On a dime in this economy? You've come to the right place. In one minute? Well how about 4 minutes a day - it really doesn't matter how much time you have. It may only take 20 seconds to do 10 push ups or 30 seconds to do 10 sit ups... scattered throughout the day, even 20 push ups a day is more than zero!

Do you have 4 minutes a day? OK, maybe 5 but everyone has five minutes. Five minutes a day for a week is 35 minutes of exercise that you would not have gotten otherwise. It's a great start and you won't regret it!

I've been in the field and seen you...I understand you. I understand busy. I know sickness, I know health. I know care giving and I know the demands that caregivers are faced with. I know your time is limited. I know your time is precious.

I also know that your health is all you have. That means that, in light of the demands of care giving, fitness is one more time consuming matter in your mind. You will find this fitness information fun, relevant and most of all practical for your needs. One life, one body, one chance...keep it!

Let's start with some of the most basic exercises most of which you learned in first grade! Here's to Fitness Tips that can change your life and your outlook!

You are not alone - thousands of caregivers struggle to balance life right along with you. In fact, as of January 1, 2011, 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 every day for the next 19 years! you are not alone!


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