Fibromyalgia Trigger Points Effectively Treated With A Tennis Ball? Learn Easy Self Myofascial Release

Fibromyalgia trigger points self treatment

Patients and caregivers can discover how to relieve fibromyalgia trigger points effectively with a tennis ball.

Myofascial trigger points can ruin your life, cause sleep disorders and even disrupt relationships. Understanding how the fascial system in the body develops snags, restrictions and torsions due to physical and emotional trauma helps us understand how to treat these tender spots effectively and inexpensively at home.

Things you'll need for tennis ball fibromyalgia trigger points treatment:
  • Golf Ball, Tennis Ball or Softball size Ball (4-5" ball)
  • Quiet area to treat yourself
  • 15 minutes to an hour
  • Small wooden cutting board or thin hard back book.

Treating fibromyalgia trigger points becomes very effective when done with the understanding of how the fascial system can create up to 2000 pounds per square inch of pull on pain sensitive structures. Fibromyalgia tender points are generally located in the areas where the fascia is the thickest and therefore absorbing a great deal of pressure from a 'snagged' system.

To treat these restrictions effectively, the elastic fibers of the fascial restriction need to be gently stretched into their 3-D barrier and held for at least 90-120 seconds. After this time, the elastic fibers begin to give way, allowing the therapist to sink into and stretch the collagen fibers. As the fascial system unwinds and releases, different emotional or physical sensations may be felt. As these fibers are released, the crushing, debilitating force is gently and slowly lifted, allowing freedom of nerves, improved circulation and health in the body right down to the cells!

If you are unable to get on the floor or the floor is just too hard, work on a bed but place the cutting board or thin paperback book under the ball so the ball does not get lost in the mattress!

You can find a therapist near you or begin by treating yourself. Since the body is going through change and would rather default into old patterns of movement and restrictions, the more often you can treat yourself in the beginning the better off. This helps the body move towards a healthier set point that can eventually become the new norm for your body. There is no wrong way to feel since every body's fascial system is as different as each snowflake.

Fibromyalgia trigger points - principles to remember :
  • Find a hot, hard or tender spot with the ball
  • Using your body as pressure (as appropriate), position yourself so as to be able to rest on the ball
  • Hang out there for at least 2-3 minutes - the longer the better
  • Breath into the pain and allow the area to soften
  • When the hot spot is no longer hot, find another one
  • Repeat as often as you want

Fibromyalgia trigger points can be every where. I have included a chart below to outline some of the more common tender spots that you can start with. It is interesting to note that many of the trigger points on my chart are not the typical fibromyalgia tender points however, you might be pleasantly surprised that you don't have to stir those tender points up but can work further away from them on your body.

Common Myofascial Trigger Points

The black circles show above represent common myofascial trigger points that may be tender. Don't limit yourself to these but they are a good place to start. The triangular area on the belly gives good reference points to start with. I usually start with the ball in my belly button. Remember, hot hard or tender needs work! The closer you get to the apex or top of the triangle, the more some people experience nauseousness. You likely won't throw up but stop when you feel you need to. Over time, treatment in this area will calm symptoms down.

Don't do belly work if you are pregnant - find a myfoscial therapist to treat you. Don't rest a tennis ball directly in the back of your knee.

Listen to your body and go where it tells you to go. Working directly on fibromyalgia trigger points may be quite painful, however, providing myofascial self treatment further away from these points can deliver miracles!


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