Exercise For Fibromyalgia - With A Twist!

Exercise for Fibromyalgia

rx: mind, body, soul.

Exercise for fibromyalgia can be hit and miss. What may work for some may not work for others. Keeping in mind that there is a strong emotional component accompanying this disorder, it is difficult to put a 'canned' one-size-fits all program together for everyone with fibromyalgia.

However - the good news is this! If you suffer from these fibromyalgia tender points, there are general trends to stay and away from and general trends to move towards! So, let's find out what they are!


Fibromyalgia is compounded and largely affected emotional trauma that becomes trapped in your fascial system. This, among other causes starts a downward cycle of developing a straight jacket within our body.

As our muscles continue to try to function, the straight jacket just keeps getting tighter and tighter... John F. Barnes, the founder of refiner of the original myofascial release technique has trained thousands of therapists to treat the fascial system of the entire body; bringing pain relief, healing and new life. You can find a myofascial therapist to start your journey or recommend one to us!

These emotional trauma as well as physical trauma, surgeries etc show themselves in physical pain and ailments - since fibromyalgia seems to affect the muscles and more precisely given tendons of muscles - it is important to stay low key...


Low to Moderate Intensity Is Key To Exercise For Fibromyalgia

Acceptable intensity can vary for everyone and at different times of the year. How so? My intensity level in August may be vastly different that my acceptable level in January when I'm all about my New Year's Resolution.

Intensity needs to stay low to moderate - always. Can you talk on the phone in complete sentences while walking or cycling? That is good gauge at this point.

Low Impact, Low Eccentric Contraction

We often understand low impact but just in case you are wondering, low impact would include:

  • cycling
  • swimming
  • walking
  • water aerobics
  • elliptical training
  • use lighter dumbbells or bands

Low impact implies less body weight through your weight bearing joints (ankles, knees and hips), so any activity that minimizes this is lower impact than say running or jump-roping.

Eccentric contractions are known as 'negatives' in the body building world. Eccentrics should not be the focus with exercise for fibromyalgia. Sitting down in a chair is an eccentric quadriceps contraction vs. standing up from the same chair.

You really can't help but use concentric and eccentric contractions no matter what you do but exercises designed specifically for eccentric muscle control should be avoided since they require a lot more from the muscle, thus more torque and more pulling on already micro traumatized tendons and muscles.


Lower Body is Best

Most of our larger muscles are found in our lower body's. This, coupled with the fact that our smaller arm muscles have difficulty with overhead activity, makes exercise programs that focus on the lower body a better choice.

How Often?

Two or three times a week? Many people looking for exercises for fibromyalgia seem to feel that twice a week fits their needs better. They seem to manage their symptoms better with this frequency.

When working towards the ACSM guidelines of activity, it is noteworthy to work towards 30-40 minute exercise bouts instead of the typical 20-30 minute sessions. While this does not equal the 60 minutes a day as recommended by ACSM, it certainly is a start when looking at exercise for fibromyalgia.

Society and western medicine has effectively segmented the mind - body - soul unit called a human being. This has served us ineffectively to compound our emotional and thus physical issues. Healing your soul will bring you back in touch with the ways that your body has segmented, fragmented and become a complex puzzle that doesn't seem to fit anymore.

Many have found substantial and life-giving relief through a John F. Barnes Trained Myofascial Release Therapist. As a specialty practitioner of this technique myself, I have to say that in my 20+ years of practicing physical therapy, this awesome and life-giving technique has truly been the missing link to providing the service of true healing to my patients. Couple with Healing your Soul - you'll wonder why you waited so long!


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