Exercise and Heart Attacks - Change your choices, change your heart, change your life!

Exercise and Heart Attacks

make your next steps count.

Exercise and heart attacks - it's a fine line to walk. You can always count on disease or trauma to leave weak links in your body system. Heart attacks are no exception. This is why prevention is the name of the game especially with the uncertainty of Obamacare!

But, you're here now... so let's move towards a better, healthier life.

Your heart attack may alter your cardiorespiratory response and the way your blood circulation reacts to exercise. Becuase of this you should take caution.

We have seen that many people how have a previous heart attack will have a decreased aerobic capacity. This is primarily due to the diminished ability of the heart to push blood out to the body. With this decrease in cardiac output, comes a decrease in oxygen transport to the body system.

Many MI's happen in the left ventricle...this being the heart chamber that pushes blood to the body system. Damage, death or dysfunction to this chamber can cause a number of exercise responses. Regardless of where the heart is damaged, cardiac output seems to be affected.

Cardiac output can be affected by:
  • decreasing systolic BP response to progressive exercise

  • exertional hypo-tension

  • an increased heart rate with not enough emptying time

  • chest symptoms

  • ventricular arrhythmia's

  • heart rate and blood pressure medications

Despite the sometimes grim outlook on exercise and heart attack history, there is good rationale for exercise training with history of MI.

Remember that there are other prevention and prophylactic measures you can take to get healthier despite your heart or medical history. Every little step towards getting healthy and staying that way counts!

Think of it this way. If you were to take a long trip 100 miles away or so and didn't have a car, would every step count? Absolutely! You may or may not be able to depend on a lot of exercise to get you healthy, but every other step counts just as much.

Regardless of damage... some exercise is better than nothing. This may mean that you develop a walking program with the help of your doctor or physical therapist instead of training for a marathon... remember each step counts. You may also want to consider finding a Myofascial Release therapist or in home personal trainer to help you towards your health goals.


Exercise after heart attack is one of the two best preventative measures to avoid another one!

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