Elderly Home Health Care: Where to go to find effective, quality and life changing physical therapy.

Elderly Home Health Care

where to go for quality help

Elderly home health care help is hard to find, period. Many agencies boost great programs, top notch quality and high tech, individualized care. And some agencies deliver as promised. However, as aging boomer needs have already under-staffed home health care agencies, patients get the raw end of the deal. In a word, poor care. If that's been your experience, submit a home health agency review or thank your home physical therapists if they did a great job!

As boomers age, our body's begin to show their wear and tear, don't work the way they used to and can get us into trouble. As this season of life brings its joys, it also brings its questions - do I need home health care? As independent as we want to be for as long as we live, at times, that's just not safely possible. Ask yourself the questions now to avoid a tough decision later.

A certified home care worker offers great advice on home elder care and touches on the pros and cons about keeping our elderly parents living at home. Find out if elder home care will help you through these tough times of uncertainty.

Your care could determine the quality of the rest of your life. What if you could get pain resolution, improved functional ability and a custom home exercise program to maintain what you have gained and continue progressing. With 10,000 boomers turning 65 every day now till 2030, your dream of improvement with home health physical therapy may not look great. Because demand is surpassing supply, many elderly home health care patients are seeking out private home health care to assure the quality of care that help them reach their goals.

Who Pays For Elderly Home Health Care?

Medicare may pay for skilled home health physical therapy if you meet eligibility requirements. However, home health physical therapy is focused on safety and function. So, when you are safe and functional, you are likely to be discharged. Your pain may be just as severe, you may need continued therapy for continued improvement and, unfortunately, short-staffed home care agencies can't see everyone who needs help.

Options To Consider

You have several great options to find quality elderly home health care into your home:

Your first and most economical option for help at home is to find a Home Health Agency. You have the advantage of insurance covering perhaps some or all of the cost while you simply reap the benefits of the services. However, you also may have already learned that the quality of some home health agency visiting professionals is not near what is should be. If you haven't experienced that, just be for-warned that the quality is not always there... something to consider when the quality of care will likely determine your future!


Myofascial release will change your life! Not all therapists will make home visits but the trouble it may take to see them will be worth your time and money. Releasing the myofascial restrictions is like setting you free from the binding straight jacket of pain, stiffness and debility. Finding a myofascial release therapist will change your life - you won't be sorry.


After you've tried traditional home health physical therapy, find another one! Yep, you'll have to pay them out of your pocket BUT you will be paying for top quality therapy. You'll be paying for a pre-determined amount of time such as x dollars per hour. If quality and time is something that your home health agency is short on, pay for it yourself... you can expect quality and quality will determine the rest of your life.


Quality in home personal trainers who will come to your home AND who specialize in geriatric/boomer fitness can get your fitness plan on track! When you feel you are well on your way, you can have them come to your home once a month and just keep upgrading your fitness plan to keep you going! Of course, you hire them as often as you would like - whether it's one visit a week or one a month, get plugged into continued strength and fitness.


If you're looking for a home visit physician, we may be able to help you find one. Home care docs know their pay goes down when they hit the road to make home visits but, because of their passion to provide the best care, they don't seem to mind... I want a doctor like that!


Getting to the dentist can be just as troublesome as getting to the doctor! As the boomer population explodes, more and more home health dentists are spinning around the country too. They know that when your mouth suffers, so does your health. They also know that sometimes, taking care of your mouth is the last thing on your mind... it may also mean your last good meal was several days, weeks or months ago! The inability to eat only causes malnutrition and weakness. Home care dentists are on their way!

If you are looking for elderly home health care, look at all your options. Start with your phone book if you like, but don't forget that the growing business of private home health care - designed to bring you the care that you deserve and need. There are so many advantages of private home health care that far outweigh everything except your health and when it comes right down to it, if you don't have your health, it's hard to do much of anything else.


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