Effects of Exercise on Fibromyalgia - Different Goals - Different Plan.

Effects of exercise on fibromyalgia

function or fitness - or both?

The effects of exercise on fibromyalgia sufferer's can be quite devastating. People with fibromyalgia are often unwilling to embark on any exercise program for fear of the pain that will follow. With a growing patient population of sufferer's, 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day for the next 20 years and a growing number of caregivers with fibromyalgia - it seems only right and ethical to devote a page encouraging you to engage in activity... small or great!

Because exercise is critical for the person with fibromyalgia (FM), it is essential to understand what our goals are and are not.

Most people with FM are not fit to begin with due to a constant battle with increased pain after increased exertion. Often diagnosis brings mental relief - knowing what is wrong but is far from solving the road to debilitating pain and a poor quality of life.

The effects of exercise on fibromyalgia patients can produce the same benefits as in healthy individuals just at a much slower rate. This can be discouraging until one understands that the goal is to improve,restore and maintain function.

Striving for physical cardiovascular fitness will only make matters worse - a goal that is not to be sought after at this time.

By following the exercise guidelines, and following a customized exercise plan, improvements can be seen and felt over time. Results won't come fast but your goals are specific to:

  • decreasing tender point pain and number of tenderpoints

    This happens slowly over time as muscles and tendons are strengthened slowly and gently. It is thought that each tender point is really a micro tendonitis/tendonosis that can be worked through with gentle, non weight bearing exercise.

  • improve your daily activities ability - win over FM!

    As your pain lessens and time allows you to accomplish a bit more without flare ups, you will find that the effects of exercise on fibromyalgia begin lessen it's impact on your ability to function on a daily basis.

  • become more social with less strain and stress

    The chronic pain of FM can drain your emotional and physical resources. People with FM tend to be isolated to begin with. This does not help your FM, but makes it worse. Chose kind, supportive and loving people to interact with as you become stronger and are able to support a better social life.

  • discover help and hope!

    The effects of exercise on fibromyalgia can be much stronger than the hopeless and helpless feelings that come from dealing with the chronic pain and fatigue of FM. As you take your time and slowly progress with your exercise program - you should see and feel positive changes!

  • Good night

    What a blessing to wake rested from an entire night of sound sleep! This seems a luxury in America today but should be common place! As your overall pain level decreases, so will your fatigue level (chronic pain is an emotional drain). The exercise routine will allow your body to start to need rest. You should begin to rest better, easier and longer. FM is a multifactorial disorder, however, meaning that other factors greatly affect it - namely emotional issues. Try out these resources for a Christian based solution to the emotional issues. Or get connected to a faith based home church network and see what God can do in your life!
  • Begin today. Help and Hope is here - don't live one more day without beginning a change for your healing!

    The three best resources I have personally found in my journey include Healing the Soul, Using the 8 Laws of Nature and Myofascial Release.


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