A Doctor At Home Health Patients Homes Improves Patient Satisfaction, Quality of Care (and Life) and Improves Patient Longevity

Doctor at Home?

help is on the way...

Need a doctor at home visit doctors are re-visiting the past - and YOU, in your own home. Home health care patients have flocked to this growing trend of inviting doctors into their homes. It's a Godsend to most who are too sick, weak or debilitated to otherwise get out.

Many patients wait till they are too sick, call 911 and receive poor quality care in overcrowded hospital emergency rooms. As this trend re-invents itself from a far distant past, patients will receive quality and thorough care from a doctor who can spend the time and see them in their own home environment.

The Independance At Home Act has paved the way for this almost extinct practice to make a comeback and young and old alike are pleased with the almost no-wait service they are receiving from the same doctor for most visits. over-inflated ER costs are eliminated since patients get checked up on in their home, more frequently, reducing their need to call 911.

Doctor at Home?

  • Personal - you gotta like a 45 minute visit in the comfort of your own home vs. the 5-10 minute visit in the clinic!

  • No waiting - call the mobile home doctor, schedule a visit - done. No 2 or 3 weeks of waiting.

  • Convenient - rain, shine, snow or sleet - help is on the way. Too busy, too tired, can't fit one more appointment in? Help is on the way.

  • Quick - some home care doctors will see you within a 12-24 hour window.

  • Privacy - insurance or cash - no one is listening in - your conversation is private.

  • No sickness exposure - no more waiting in a room full of snotty, runny noses!

  • No risk - for some, getting to the doctors office can be more of a threat to injury than actually being there.

  • Same day/Next day - the doctor is always in!

  • Weekends - sickness is no longer confined to Monday through Friday from 9-5.

  • Same doctor - tired of no one knowing who you are? Build a relationship with one doctor for years to come!

  • Quantity - just as important as quality - no more 5 minute visits! No more waiting for 2 hours for a 5 minute visit.

  • Longevity - quality of care improves longevity - live longer where you want! - in your own home.

  • Complete perspective - Tailored care with the big picture of your lifestyle and living environment now in mind.

  • Respect and Dignity - mobile home doctors have given up the rat race of 30 patients a day to provide respect and dignity to a select few.

  • Skype- some home health doctors can actually check up on you using Skype - not as personal but you still get to stay home!

  • iPad - are you ready for the next generation of customized patient care in your home?

  • Personal Relationship - humans were made to connect - face to face - this is now possible with a doctor at home!

  • Zero Transport - no car? no gas? no money? bad weather? help may still be on the way - finding a doctor at home is not difficult.

  • Understanding - mobile home health care doctors understand your disease and recognize changes in your condition.

  • Coordination of Care - we've got you covered - 24/7.

  • Walking Pharmacy - OK, maybe not for every medication but many home care doctors do have a supply of the common ones on hand.

  • Custom Treatment - less protocol more individualized treatment - it's all part of the quality you are looking for.

  • Cash Pay - available. Just keeps your personal and medical information private.

  • Insurance - available too! Medicare, medicaid, and most insurances - but we can't promise...

Doctor at Home?

Common Services

  • Comprehensive care

  • Extensive physical

  • Acute care management

  • Preventative care

  • Annual physical

  • Blood draws

  • Electrocardiogram

  • X-rays

  • Ultrasound
  • MRI

  • Biopsies

  • Medication delivery

  • Stitches and Splints

  • Trigger Point joint injections

  • Flu Shots

  • Urine analysis

  • Anticoagulation management

  • Thyroid function management

  • Doctor at Home?

    Best of the Best

    Mobile home care doctors are 100% board certified and many are internal medicine specialists. Many home doctors truly value the connection they have with their patients and offering the best possible care than they value their paycheck at the end of the day.

    You won't be sorry for choosing to have a doctor come to your home - and if you are, you can always go back to the new old fashioned way of waiting for 2 hours to see the doctor for 5 minutes.

    Ready to make the switch? Hundreds are every day - and never looking back... Click here to find a mobile home care doctor and get ready for unsurpassed quality of care, new friendships and extreme satisfaction!


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