Sleep disorders

how all 4 forms of rest can save your life.

home health physical therapy and rest Sleep disorders continue to be an epidemic in our country. If you don't suffer from a lack of sleep, you know someone who does. Rest, when implemented in all four of it's life saving forms impact the body, mind and soul in deeply intimate ways, offering life, vigor, weight loss and hope to a hopeless generation.

Most of our world understands sleep disorders as simply a chronic lack of sleep. However, when we look at the four different forms of rest, we discover that these disorders come in, yes, four different forms as well. Ironically, each form especially affects a different part of our makeup. Each part, then, in time, affects the whole being.

Chronic lack of sleep for caregivers can lead to burn out, anger, resentment and even fatal decision making. Sleep disorders for patients can mean prolonged sickness and a poor quality of life. Whether caregiver or patient, sleep is vital to your health and the health of those around you. My best advice comes from the Bible - we can't give others what we have not received ourselves. If I am not sleeping and therefore caring for my own body and health, I will not be able to care for someone else.

So, what is rest? Let's break it down a little further so you can begin to see the bigger picture.

Rest - Vitamin R
  • Vitamin R1 - Daily rest or sleep (the sleep that each of us longs for at night)

  • Vitamin R2 - Weekly Rest (the day of rest that God ordained at Creation on the 7th day)

  • Vitamin R3 - Recreation (the rest that we seem too busy to enjoy - vacation)

  • Vitamin R4 - Meditation (the deep rest of the soul. "Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."

When we lack any part of the essential forms of rest listed above, our body's and then our relationships will suffer.

Rest is one of the most basic healers known! We rest to heal. We rest when are tired. We rest to escape. And now, we rest to lose weight! Inadequate rest when we are well leads to sickness.

home health physical therapy rest and relaxation

What is rest?
  • not always sleep

  • a change of pace

  • relaxing and breathing deeply

  • a change of attitude

  • stopping the "go go" mindset

  • sitting still, doing nothing

  • pacing out your to-do list

  • morning and evening time with God

  • time with your family

  • the silence between each heartbeat

  • a still stomach between meals

Some of the thoughts listed above may be new to you. Ponder them and practice some and you will find that as you slow down, rest may come easier for you at night.

Adequate rest can help you shed pounds. Years of abuse, mental strain, unrest and broken hearts for many of us have stolen our restful slumber and piled on the weight. Sleep disorders are one of the most simple disorders to remedy. Why? It's they way life was made to work...simply with plenty of outside fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

Western Civilization and the backgrounds we grew up in emphasize that our worth and value are often places on how much you have and have accomplished. Society also bombards us to lose weight, overloading us with tips, in order to fit in and be accepted. We spend sleepless nights agonizing over these lies that we believe.

Slow Down!

Your best chances of restful sleep are on an empty stomach. Those who eat nothing at least 8.5 hours before going to bed at night will experience the best rest (and the best long term weight loss.) (Medical conditions may prevent you from practicing this... consult your doctor.) This can be tough to implement. Start with just skipping supper and eating a later lunch!

Sleeping outside is unheard of these days unless you are camping! But sleeping outside can be restful than sleeping indoors in the summertime! Yes, you guessed it... better sleep, better chances of kicking the sleep disorders and those sleeping pills that work against the deep REM sleep you need!

Consider these tips for better rest:
  • It's been said that one hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight.

  • Fifteen minutes of rest midday is worth 45 minutes or more at night.

  • If the above is not possible, take an hour of rest midday when you retire. Stay active the rest of the day...this will help with
  • weight loss and increased lifespan.
  • Rest and work, work and rest but slacking on either one will cause the other to be less enjoyed.

  • Many retirees die within 3 years of retiring. Start now to help and serve others so that your purpose in life is not lost. This
  • will help you to rest well and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Enough rest is needed to keep the alkalinity of the blood in check as most of the elimination of waste occurs when we are sleeping.

  • Many who lose their jobs put on weight over the stress that then causes sleepless nights. This cycle creates a challenge to weight loss.

  • We were designed to need one day a week to rest. This gives us time to spend with family and God.

prayer and physical therapy

Sleep disorders can kill. We have the power to begin to change things in our lives today that will affect or sleep and the quality of our sleep. Take all three forms of Vitamin R daily and consider resting on the 7th day Sabbath - the day set aside by God for man to rest and nurture his relationship with his Maker. (Genesis 2:2,3 and Exodus 20:8)

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