Cancer Treatment - Tips on managing your cancer medications and treatment while exercising.

Cancer treatment

juggling medication and exercise.

Cancer treatment options range from snake oils and scams to the most recent scientific studies supporting survival rates using highly advanced treatment.

One thing is for sure - no one person will respond exactly the same way to any given treatment option. While cancer is specifically known and studied, we are individuals and react and respond to all that life brings us differently and uniquely.

Traditional cancer treatment has been argued to kill more than the disease itself. Many find themselves in a catch 22 - wondering what will take them first, the disease or the treatment. The resolve to live, making radical changes to one's lifestyle (including your choice of treatment) and remaining as active as possible seem to benefit cancer survivors the best.

It's hard to know where to start. Many cancer treatments bring various forms of medications and side effects. Many choose to include exercise as part of their arsenal in this horrific fight. Lance Armstrong chose his bicycle in the form of exercise to fight his. If exercise is part of your treatment, use your shoes, your bike, your skates, even your PJ's, it all counts!

No matter your exercise choice, the information on this page is meant to be helpful for physical therapists, caregivers and patients. It's not always easy to speak in layman's terms but I think you will be able to understand.

We were made to move, to be active. I believe that there are rare occasions when a doctor would prohibit activity but there are some instances and reasons out there. Follow them.

No matter what your choice of treatment options, exercise is a must for all successful cancer treatments! However, it is crucial to understand how exercise and your medications interact. This knowledge will guide you, your oncology physician and your physical therapist in implementing the exercise program that is right for you.

This material is intended to inform and not to direct or state orders or protocols. More information can be found in ACSM's Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities-3rd EditionACSM's Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities

We hope to show you how to include exercise in your cancer treatment plan and how just 8 health principles can move you towards health!

Often diseases can send us on a chair-cation. Spending any time in your wheelchair can further deteriorate your health. I've written an extensive resource - Wheelchair Freedom! Get Help. Get Up. Get Out! that puts those in wheelchairs on and educated role to getting back on their feet with illustrated pictures, including how to get in and out of the car from a manual wheelchair and other life easy tips for your wheelchair world!

The following reading, taken seriously can improve your condition, lessen relapse, and improve anybody's quality of life - read them, they could save your life!

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Exercise as part of your cancer treatment

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