Cancer symptoms - the emotional freeze frame blow. Considerations for survival.

Cancer Symptoms

stop. breath. your next steps are crucial.

Cancer symptoms - the "C" word

Mention Cancer in most circles and an eery silence occurs. Why? estimated that over half a million people would die of cancer in America in 2008.

That's a half a million too many!

We don't know where to start or what to say when this word penetrates our world.

Cancer symptoms begin with the uncontrolled cellular proliferation with potential to spread and start 'talking.' Symptoms can be as individual as each person that it attacks and can start with a cough, a night sweat, and can deliver more symptoms as the disease progresses or as traditional treatment packs on the side effects.

Treatment seems to rarely include exercise in the first stages of discovery. Instead there is a crisis intervention: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy all designed to cure the cancer, control it or bring relief of symptoms.

In my humble opinion - cancer symptoms require a visit to your physician and an immediate exercise program as part of your treatment agenda. Your quality of life, will no doubt improve. However, considering it's complexity, various stages, remission, metastasis and mirage of other factors, exercise needs to be approached hand in hand with an exercise specialists such as a physical therapist and your physician.

Hope remains however, as we consider Lance Armstrong and his journey to victory over cancer and in the Tour de France. Extraordinary!

If you have cancer and exercise is part of your cancer treatment ACSM's Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities-3rd EditionACSM's Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities offers some valuable tips on designing and implementing an exercise program as part of your cancer treatment.

In addition to getting moving with exercise, some forms of alternative medicine have been very useful for helping anyone discover free natural resources for health and peace while keeping your wallet closed.

Discover how exercise can affect your cancer symptoms as you begin (or prevent) this journey.

Often diseases can send us on a chair-cation. Spending any time in your wheelchair can further deteriorate your health. I've written an extensive resource - Wheelchair Freedom! Get Help. Get Up. Get Out! that puts those in wheelchairs on and educated role to getting back on their feet with illustrated pictures, including how to get in and out of the car from a manual wheelchair and other life easy tips for your wheelchair world!

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