Best Leg Exercises For Home Health Patients To Get Back Into Action After Surgery

Best Leg Exercises

for optimal home health rehab success.

Best Leg Exercises For Home Health

The best leg exercises are the ones thoroughly explained to you by your physical therapist. Really! Anyone can do a Short Arc Quad, Heel Slide or Straight Leg Raise but to understand why there are specific ways to improve the quality of each is to succeed and move ahead of the pack!

canned programs - one size fits all?

Often in home health care, many exercises for the elderly are "canned." Canned meaning that everyone with a specific diagnosis gets them. That is not necessarily the problem, however, the problem starts when your physical therapist has not explained them specifically to you, watched and re-watched you do them over several visits with no progressive upgrade to meet your new strength levels.

I've covered for many vacationing physical therapists who still have their 2 month post-op patients doing the total knee replacement exercises they were doing when they first came home. Some patients just never get progressed as they should. Their home knee strengthening exercises are never tweaked for optimal rehab success. There are several reason why this happens, the most un-nerving may be the way a physical therapist is paid; you would be surprised how it can affect your care!

Following the mission of this website, to protect, respect and serve, I've put together several videos outlining the specifics of certain exercises so that you will know how to do them and what to be aware of. If you have questions, your physical therapist should be able to answer them. I have the privilege of experience as a personal trainer and a physical therapist which helps my mindset to be thorough and progressive as I treat my patients.

quality vs. quantity!

As you scroll through the available exercises and watch the videos and/or read the tips and pointers, remember that quality far outweighs quantity. Poor quality as like enabling a loved one to keep drinking by giving them more money when they are broke. Performing an exercise poorly allows the muscles that really need to work to sneak out the back door while everyone else does the work they should be doing.

These are the classic leg exercises (and more are on the way), but they are the best leg exercises because I've explained them, the does and don'ts and hopefully given you the tips you need for ultimate home health rehab success!

Best Supine Leg Strengthening Exercises

Best Standing Leg Strengthening Exercises

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