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One of the best careers for the future is no doubt home care physical therapy. It is absolutely one of the most rewarding and flexible sub-specialties offered in a physical therapy career.

You can't beat setting your own schedule and meeting and treating people on their their own homes. What a joy and a privilege to have been in thousand's of homes over the years. It's an honor to enter into the sacred abode of one's home. If one on one connection with your patients is a priority for you, consider home health physical therapy.

With Baby Boomers booming - 10,000 of them turning 65 every day as of January 1, 2011 till 2030 - we aren't at a loss for work. Your career search should consider job security potential and this sector over-delivers!

So, whether you are looking for answers to your questions about a home care physical therapy career, burned out of a career and looking for another, starting your own home health care business or just want to browse the discussion forums, thanks for stopping by! Please don't leave without submitting your own thoughts...

We want to hear about you! Share your experience, questions, joys and frustrations...

As this forum grows we hope to provide a quality community of mentors and others engaged in encouraging, asking and wondering. After all, if you're searching for one of the best careers for the future - you must do your research!

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