Beginner Exercise Program - Home Health Care can start your Fitness routine!

Beginner Exercise Program

home health care introduces many to fitness!

Beginner Exercise Program! That's what Medicare pays me to do with my patients. Lucky them! It's like government funded personal training. But before all you Physical Therapists send me hate mail... trust me, I know they aren't the same!

Personal Trainers can get their certification over a weekend... you and I went through many years of blood, sweat and tears...although the opportunity for personal trainers to get a 2-4 year degree is now a reality in some colleges and universities.

What's so cool though, is that maybe half of my patients are actually introduced to fitness as a way of life because of some unfortunate circumstance that brought me to their care through home health. I set them up on their home exercise program and it's like a beginner exercise program and away they go!

Many don't want the help...

The convert numbers used to be higher but it seems that each generation gets lazier and lazier and has little interest in pursuing a healthier lifestyle or even doing their home exercise program. THAT is the extremely sad and frustrating part of what I do. I went to school to help people and many don't want the help! But many do and continue on with a changed lifestyle full of activity!

I have found a higher percent of those who have had orthopedic mishaps i.e. hip surgery, broken leg, car accident etc, are those who see their mishap as only a small blip on the screen of life and dive into physical therapy onto to get back into life stronger and healthier than before!

Are YOU inspired?

Many continue this new found beginner exercise program and eventually join a gym or even hire a personal trainer. Why? Somebody has inspired them...

physical therapy home exercise programs for wheelchair patients

Somebody? Yep... I don't say that arrogantly but a lot goes into the delivery of home care physical therapy than into the actual plan of care. Any physical therapist or personal trainer can dish out a home exercise program, but very few can or will take a validating interest in the patient or client as a special human being with hurts, dreams and goals.

What's under the pain?

Many act out their heart felt pain in unhealthy ways that have gotten them into the situation they are in... our job is to deliver what they need in a respecting, protecting and validating way - in love, in compassion and care. Patients and clients who are validated, cared about and treated with love and compassion begin to blossom, find hope in life and begin to feel a sense of self worth with growing self esteem.

Patients or Patience :)

NOT because they lost a bunch of weight or met a bunch of PT goals, but because someone (YOU) loved them, respected them, validated them and connected with them. When we stop looking at each patient or client in dollar signs and start doing what we love - our hearts and lives are changed as we give and receive - give the care, love and validation that people need - receive the satisfaction that we have made a difference in the precious of life of one human being.

People know if I love what I do just like you get vibes from unhappy employee at the cash register etc. I love what I do - and people know it. I shoot straight for the heart every time - and every time I win - it's truly a win-win!

Intro to personal training (thanks Medicare!)

Beginner exercise programs are the first place to start... if you've gone through physical therapy or are going to be facing it in the near or far future, take full advantage of it. It's like Medicare's way of giving you a free taste of a better way of life.

Wheelchair exercises should be part of any elderly exercise program who must depend on a wheelchair for a time. Start where you can and don't stop... remember, if you have the choice to sit it out or dance - I hope you choose to dance - even if it is in your chair for a time!

My 74 page e-book is designed to teach you the basics of the best wheelchair exercises you can do no matter what your level of ability. You don't even have to be in a wheelchair to benefit! Read more about Wheelchair Freedom! Get Help Get Up Get Out today and start a stronger, healthier day tomorrow!

Best selling e-book for wheelchair patients looking to improve strength and range of motion

You'll be all the stronger and better for it!

Start your fitness young... how ever old that is! It's never too late to start making a better life for yourself... nice thing is that you're the only one who can!

Cheers to your pursuits of health, wellness and fitness! Cheers to turning your beginners exercise program into an intermediate one and then advanced! Go for it! No one is stopping you!

If you're unsure, talk to your doctor, physical therapist or personal trainer. I don't care how you start your beginner exercise program, just start it and keep going!

Courage and cheers!

~ Marcia Oliver MSPT, CPT


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