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Bathroom Safety Products

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Bathroom safety products promote quality of life, cleanliness and save lives!

Cleanliness remains just as important to any human being through all phases of life. The benefits of water don't stop just because the shower seems like an impossibility now.

In my experience, many of my patients started sponge bathing long before they needed home health care. The shower and bathroom remain the most feared room of the house when it comes to bathroom safety and falling (second only to steps).

Loss of balance, coordination and strength begin to force many to stop at the edge of the tub. Writing off the shower/tub seems to be the first line of defense to avoid further or future falls. Although a potentially dangerous area without bathroom safety equipment in place, sponge baths don't have to be the norm.

Let's consider our options for improving bathroom safety:

  • Install regular grab barsbathroom safety for the elderly grab bars in place of towel racks - now they can serve dual purpose - a towel rack AND a grab bar.

  • Use a plastic patio chairsave money using plastic patio chair for shower chair in place of an expensive shower seat. These have slotted bottoms, arms and a back rest. Be sure your patient does not outweigh the chair. Use two no slip bath matslower fall risk using bath mats for home safety for the elderly under the chair to ensure that all four legs are on it.

  • Use suction cup grab barbest suction cup grab bars for home safety for the elderly on your marble or non-porous sink top for more pull leverage. Be sure it is locked and test it before using!

  • Take your dangerous glass showers doors off and replace with a wide variety of shower curtains.home safety for the elderly - using shower curtains instead of glass doors.

  • Put a piece of duct tapeuse duct tape to secure rugs to floor for elderly home safety along the carpet/tile transition at the entry way of your bathroom. This makes a walker with 5 inch wheelsUsing walker with 5 inch wheels for home safety for the elderly transition smoother and lessens the likelihood of those back legs catching on the carpet on the way out.

  • Replace throw rugs with non slip, low shag bath rugs.home safety for the elderly using low shag rugs in bathroom

  • cushion sharp edges or corners with foam (home made or store bought)pad counter top corners for elderly home health safety for somewhat padded falls. Get a raised toilet seatUsing a raised toilet seat for elderly home health safety or bedside commodeusing a bedside commode for home health elderly safety to raise the toilet for easier entry and exit. Replace the washcloth holder in the shower for the horizontal placement of a suction cup grab barsuction cup grab bars for home health safety for elderly

  • Glass sliding doors are still glass! 55% of all falls happen inside the home and 70% of those falls happen inside the bathroom. Falling into a glass shower door could lead to severe cuts, blood loss and potential death. Remove these (and the frame) and use a rod and curtain for safety and flexibility.

  • Flexibility? YEP! If your balance or strength and ultimately YOUR flexibility require a tub transfer bench it won't work with glass doors...there's not going to be enough room. If you have a stand up stall only, your wise choice is still to remove the glass and replace with curtains.

    Each of these factors will determine what bathroom safety products you need to safely and effectively shower and get in and out of step over tub. (We will assume that a full bath is not an option at this point.)

  • Shower chairusing a shower chair for home health safety for the elderly vs. tub transfer benchusing a tub transfer bench for elderly home health safety vs. patio chair?alternative solution for shower chair; plastic patio chair

    What do you really need? Bathroom safety products are based on your need. You also need to keep in mind your goals and your budget...

  • Before renting or purchasing your bathroom safety products, remember... you are doing just that. What does that mean? That simply means that someone has to pay for this product - will that be you or your insurance company or both?

    Medicare typically will only cover a 3-in-1-commode (which can triple into a shower chair given the space.) It's not always an option though. Medicare tends to be the benchmark for what other insurance company's will cover but that's NOT the final word... find out what YOUR insurance will cover.

Bathroom safety products are not super expensive but ignoring the significance of the impact of this room for the elderly in your home could have a far greater financial impact. Start now to change things for the better. You can save a hip - even a life!


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