Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment - If we lived the lives that we were designed to live, "alternative" would not be alternative.

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

a journey in the right direction.

Alternative breast cancer treatment is your choice. No one makes it for you but you. It's a choice that does not have to stand alone but can be used in conjunction with modern medicine or in place of modern medicine - the choice is yours. Pursue your treatment choice(s) armed with knowledge, strength and wisdom from God.

Treatment choices are yours. Some are free and include the 8 natural laws of healthy living, others include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. People have lived and died pursing both treatment options.

No matter your treatment choice, learning about the free natural ways to improve your healing is in everyone's best interest.

Your choice could change your life - proceed with caution. There are no guarantees except the calm assurance that God made us and He knew what was best for us. Many of us have wondered away from the simplicity that brings us peace. In the rush and rat race of chasing the American Dream, many awake to the nightmare of disease.

God opens His arms wide and invites you to allow Him to be part of your journey to health and peace...and He would love for you to pursue His 8 natural laws of health (listed above) in addition to other treatment that you may decide on.

Godspeed as you search for alternative breast cancer treatments and jump in with both feet to a path of recovery and healing. You can win. And you can win people along the way to join you in a better way of life!

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