Air Pollution's hidden dangers in home health physical therapy success.

Air Pollution

successful home health physical therapy.

Air pollution and smog affect elderly health Air Pollution can rob you of the joy of reaching your home health physical therapy goals. With every cell crying out for pure, fresh air (which contains oxygen) we become weak and diseased without it. Caregivers and patients alike suffer from the devastating affects of air pollution. Often moving is not an option, especially in this economy...leaving our cells and our health stranded.

Fresh air depending on where you live, may not even be an option... We are bombarded with population explosion, automobiles and other smog producers and less and less of the trees that help to clean our air. You can now view smog from the Grand Canyon as it rolls in from hundreds of miles away.

Air pollution from vehicles affects elderly health Automobiles exhaust fumes contain two deadly chemicals: vaporized lead and sulfuric acid wreaking havoc on the body, the atmosphere and even stone buildings!

If you live in an area plagued with smog or less than optimal air your best option is to use an air purifier to purify and cleanse the air in your home or room. This is essential when poor health knocks on your door. Home exercise programs generally increase your heart rate and your breathing rate making it essential that you are inhaling fresh, clean air to maximize your efforts towards health.

"Fresh air will prove far more beneficial to sick persons than medicine, and is far more essential to them than their food. Thousands have died for want of pure water and pure air, who might have lived."
Take from Counsels on Health, p. 55. Quoted in:
America's Master Book of Home Remedies - Natural Remedies Encyclopedia - Prescriptions From Nature's Storehouse, by Vance Ferrel, Harold M Cherne, MD; p.31 (2004)

Many frail elderly and their cargivers are plagued with sleep disorders and aren't able to get the amount nor depth of sleep they need for the body to rejuvenate and heal from the past 12+ hours of work and stress. This lack of sleep only compounds night after night until the health literally crumbles before our eyes. Air pollution can be a factor! Fresh air can greatly enhance your sleep at night even in the winter time.

Fibromyalgia pain increases from the stress and lack of sleep but can actually be lowered with fresh air and eliminated with myofascial release therapy.

There are so many reasons to take small steps to airing out your home and inviting the life that good, clean air brings in to replace the dark, dank and unhealthy air that caregivers and patients are breathing - destroying both life and joy. If our lungs don't have oxygen, we die. Why keep your cells on death row when they are gasping for healing, cleansing air!? Make your home health physical therapy rehab a success - crack that window, open that door and suggest you do your therapy outside for untold benefits!


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