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The additional resource links below will open another window. - Live More Independently
Educational resource with information on wheelchairs, scooters, wheel chair sports and recreation, mobility aids, and support organizations to enhance the lives of individuals of all ages who need mobility assistance.

Mom-Goals - For A Balanced Life
Stay at home moms are often taking care of aging parents or grandparents as well. As busy moms we are often so busy taking care of everyone and everything else, we often forget about taking care of ourselves. However if you don't take care of yourself who will? We can't forget to manage a balanced life.
Caregiving needs respite. Caregivers need care. Use your imagination to enjoy fitness at home. Workout routines have an almost endless amount of possibilities. With the right background knowledge and a little creativity, you'll never have a boring workout!
Home health care can benefit from excellent nutrition and homeopathy. Homeopathy and Nutrition work together as synergistic healing modalities to bring about Holistic Health and A Healthy Balance. We need both to heal and for well-being.

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