What To Do Before Your Surgery - planning ahead can make coming home a delight!

What to do before your surgery?

plan your own coming home party!

What to do before your surgery depends on how you want to cope with coming home. Many people find peace and comfort in a clean, orderly and organized home. This peace provides healing and rest for a healing body (with or without surgery!). Plan your own situation for coming home and avoid the stress of a haphazard home. Picture what you want to come home to and start putting things in order now - even if that means hiring someone to help you - your body and rehab process will thank you.

Trying to figure out what to do before your surgery can depend on your surgery, your hospital stay, if you are going to a rehab center for a few days or weeks. Begin a list now based on your estimated time away from home.

Your list will also depend on the help you have when you get home. Do you have a spouse, a family member, a cook, etc? All things to take into consideration.

I've compiled two lists of things to remember to do before your surgery based on what your time span plan is for coming home.

Plan ahead but don't stress it. If you need other ideas for what to do before your surgery, contact some friends who have had the same surgery.

Out patient to 2-3 days in the hospital

Some of the items you want to remember to do before your short stay surgery:

  • Grocery shopping (remember your appetite may not be the best but you need good, healthy nutrition for healing

  • Make simple meals ahead of time and freeze them

  • Put place settings, some pots, utensils etc where you can reach them from a wheelchair or a standing position

  • Will you be using a walker, wheelchair or crutches when you come home? Be sure that pathways to the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen are clear and wide for added maneuverability.

  • Remove small hand grenades - small rugs that can cost your another trip to the hospital!

  • Be sure that you favorite chair does not move and that it sits you high enough if you are having hip or knee surgery

  • Be sure that you have a no-slip, water absorbing shower mat outside the tub to absorb water. And be sure you have a non-skid bath mat inside your tub or shower

  • Change your bed linens ahead of time so you don't have to worry about this

  • Be sure that your every day items are in a convenient place at a convenient level

  • Count the number of steps you have with and without a railing. Your physical therapist will need this information

Coming home in a couple weeks or months

Consider these things to do before your surgery if you plan to come home a few weeks or months later.

Take into consideration the items listed above while considering what to do before your surgery. A longer time away will require some forethought to prepare for an increased time away from home.

  • Be sure that food in your fridge that can spoil soon is used up or is put in the freezer

  • Line someone up to cut your lawn. Leaving your yard unkempt can invite vandals and tells others that no one is home

  • Have a light come on every night at a certain time and go off at a certain time

  • Turn on/up the sensitivity to your home security system

  • If you suffered the misfortune to have lost your spouse in a car accident, be cautious about an obituary. An obituary tells people that you are alone and are more vulnerable. If you are in the hospital, and obituary can be an open invitation to an empty home

Use your good judgment in deciding what to do before your surgery. The above lists are incomplete for every situation but can provide a good base to get you started and thinking for your specific situation.

And, before you go, Godspeed and God bless - connect with a spiritual mentor to help you through and give you a place to connect and grow in your faith when you are back on your feet again!

Surgery is no fun but sometimes necessary. Keep focused on your rehab and listen to your physical therapist!

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