MyoFascial Release or Traditional Physical Therapy - You Decide What Form Of Physical Therapy Is Worth Your Time And Money.

MyoFascial Release or Traditional Physical Therapy

and the winner is...

MyoFascial Release or Traditional Physical Therapy?

7 points to help you decide...

1. Myofascial release (MFR) is different from traditional Physical Therapy (PT) because we treat the pain and the cause of the pain. We are highly skilled masters of the art that we have learned using our hands to treat patients.

2. MFR therapists dedicate your treatment time to hands on therapy. Patients don't feel hurried or rushed and are invited to feel deeply into their body's. Traditional therapy often mimics assembly line work - get 'em in, get 'em out. This rushed, superficial therapy only addresses what the doctor told us to address and nothing else.

understand how myofascial restrictions can affect the entire body and why you need full body treatment

3. MFR looks at the forest AND the tree - evaluates the entire body and acknowledges that an asymmetrical pelvis (etc.) can contribute to your painful ankle, shoulder or chronic headaches.

4. Traditional PT looks at the tree instead of the forest...focusing on your neck pain despite your asymmetrical pelvis. You may feel better for a few days or weeks, but the root cause of pain is still there... and will continue to tighten and torque your body, sometimes causing a low level anxiety and ultimate depression.

MyoFascial Release or Traditional Physical Therapy?

5. Traditional PT has it's place but not until the straight jacket has been released. Would you rather stretch and strengthen bound up in a tight coat or without that coat even on?!

6. While Traditional PT continues to be of some value for patients, it's like fixing a flat tire without pulling the nail out first.

7. Myofascial Release has become the treatment of choice by those who have been introduced to it. Don't be fooled, though. Like other hot items on the market, there are always knock- offs (look alikes but not the real thing). John F. Barnes truly teaches a work of art while traditional PT teaches a work of science.

Be sure to find a John F. Barnes trained myofascial release therapist to ensure the highest skill and quality for your dollars.


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