The heart behind the 'zine

Welcome to Home Care Physical Therapy - What to Expect. My goal is to raise the standard of home health care delivered by physical therapists throughout this great nation by informing you of what to expect from your home health care physical therapist (PT).

Having delivered home care PT to 100's of patients since 1993, I not only feel a special bond with the seniors who are part of this nation but also a need to protect them and our aging population as they face uncertain times.

Home care PT is almost never foreseen but an almost immediate necessity. In a day and age where we can Google everything for the best deal, service or advice, often the whirlwind of circumstances surrounding the need for home care PT leaves many uninformed and downright nervous.

And, rightly so. You should be at least apprehensive. Why? You've seen the news. One scam after the next has left many of my seniors moneyless, in poor health and sometimes dead. Yes, dead.

I want to keep you as safe as possible. I'll be taking your hand and walking you through this maze of Medicare funded help so you know what you can expect from those who have committed to help you with your PT needs.

Why do I do this? Because you need to know. Unless you know what to expect, you'll never know what you should be receiving. You have a right to receive the highest quality of care from physical therapists who pledged to deliver that care.

Unfortunately that does not always happen. Knowledge is power, and I pledge to give you the knowledge you need to be sure that you or your loved one is receiving the care that we have promised to deliver.


In addition to receiving my newsletter, I will also be updating you about various resources authored and created by myself, designed to help you fill in the gaps that home care PT missed and help you move towards your goals.

I understand that Home Health Care as I know it today may not be around or accessible tomorrow. My utmost goal is make sure that you aren't left helpless in your situation. To create information, products and services that you can rely on for success.

Please keep in mind that neither this website, nor this e-zine can ever take the place of a doctor or a physical therapist. Use your good judgment and seek out personal help when needed.

I will be offering a phone consultation service that will allow you to schedule a mutually agreeable time to speak with me about your concerns, your needs or just where to go from here. Watch for that - it's coming soon!

'zine mates?

So, as we journey together - know that you've got an advocate, a friend and a PT hoping that if you have the choice to sit it out or dance that you chose to dance.

To your Golden Years!

Marcia Oliver MSPT, CPT

More to come!

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