Find Home Health Physical Therapists - Your First Step To Finding A Private Home Health PT Who Will Provide You Quality Care And Help You Meet Your Goals!

Find Home Health Physical Therapists

step one: quality care.

Find Home Health Physical Therapists?! Are you kidding me? There don't seem to be many out there who will deliver the one on one quality of care that fits your individual needs and sends you progressing forward towards your goals. So many home health patients have an end goal of vitality and returning to past activities upon discharge from home care, only to be sorely disappointed and discouraged in the poor quality of care they received. In the end, they are still week, unsteady on their feet and unable to do basic every day activities such as dressing and bathing without help.

Can you Find A Home Health Physical Therapist?

Unfortunately, home health physical therapists are overworked and sent almost daily to the far reaches of the world (or so it seems!) with little reimbursement for fuel costs and extended driving times. On the other hand, metro-city therapists don't always measure up either. Since most home health PT's are paid per patient, these PT's tend to buzz around town performing 10-15 minutes visits at your home! And you wonder why you aren't getting progressing like you had hoped!?!

In an effort to bring you respect and service, I have recently launched an outreach to private home practitioners dedicated to bringing you the services that they will welcome one day when they are in need. These private home care practitioners are dedicated to serving mankind first. It's rare to find service and compassion in a dying economy such as ours but they do exist! In time this list will grow. If you do not see a private home care practitioner listed in your area and you would like to recommend someone to me, you can do that here.

Find Home Health Physical Therapists and More!


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